Daruma Scholarships Program for April 2019
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Dear Students,

We are the Japanese Language Department at Tokyo International Business College (TIBC) and we have dedicated to improve our 1-2 years Japanese Language Curriculum for international students who study and seek career opportunities in Japan.

Tokyo Management College (TMC), TIBC's sister school, has a global study center where you can study Japanese as with TIBC, and you can study in the same campus as many Japanese students there.

We would like to offer the 5th Daruma Scholarships opportunity, one year program, during the 2019 academic year which commences from April 2019.

Please find the attached documents as application guideline and student' Newsletter.

Sincerely yours,
Yuki Uemura

Lecturer/International Program Coordinator Tokyo International Business College Soshi Educational Group
URL : http//www.tibc.jp/lang_english.html
Facebook: TIBC 日本語学科

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